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Description:   The CDT is a Java Swing based basic WYSIWYG HTML editor, with a focus on requiring a minimal technical knowledge to publish an entire website. Projects are driven by XML templates, and most complex site creation tasks are executed with simple wizards.

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Meditate(tm) Web Content Editor Meditate is a PHP-based CMS with support for multiple users, review and approval workflows and version control. It only manages editing, not delivery, of your content, so you can use whatever development techniques or frameworks you choose. Multiple users with role-based permissionsReview and approval workflowsScheduled ...

PHP OO Content Management Framework A Content Management Framework developed using Object Oriented Concepes of PHP to reduce the development time for highly complex web projects.

WebGUI Templates. WebGUI is a content management system. But without great looks any content looks drab. Here we will post web templates specifically designed for WebGUI. If you like a template you can easily transform it to HTML if you do not use WebGUI

WiKissMe wiki content management system WiKissMe is a wiki content management system that stores its data in flat text file. It is written in PHP 5. It has flexible plugins and modules architecture featuring blog, comments, captcha and others. Supports themes with templates as well.

XMLNuke Web Development Framework XML XMLNuke is a Framework for Web development Applications and it is integrated with a Content Management System fully based in XML. XMLNuke provides several classes for abstract the use of XML and the environment of Web application. FraweworkXML Abstraction LayerXSL TransformCRUDMVC

BIS Development Kit BIS Development Kit protects your web content (texts, images, html etc) from copying and direct downloading. It also protects your Java(tm) applications from reverse engineering and your algorithms and ideas from the plagiarism.

Contemplate(tm) Web Templating System Contemplate is a PHP-based, open source web templating system. You can store content, design templates and code in separate files, edit them with your favorite tools, then use Contemplate to merge them at runtime. Building web templates with conditional logicSeparating content from codeEliminating redundant code

CMSSS - Content Management System CMSSS is Content Management System Special Style. Redaction system with WYSIWYG editor and SEO optimalization with SEF addresses. You can use it without any HTMl knowledge, but you can use a HTML tags or PHP scripts in content. simple templates creatingOpenWYSIWYG editorbasic SEO optimalizationSEF addressesprogramming ...

Kanga Kanga is a command line utility, similar to Ant, that merges XML files with text templates to generate static websites. It is developed in Java and uses the Velocity framework to merge the XML content with templates and output static HTML files.

SteelArrow Web Application Server SteelArrow is an easy to use Web Application Server offering the latest in Internet connectivity and dynamic content development. SteelArrow is a feature rich HTML embedded markup based scripting language.

Content Aware Image Resizer CAIR - Content Aware Image Resizer is a high performance, multi-threaded C++ library that performs image retargeting by seam carving. Please see for more information.

C2Mat C2Mat is a simple wrapper library that allows OpenCV data structures to be transferred between C++ and Matlab. It lets a program combine the speed of OpenCV with the power of Matlab.

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